Avenida Houston's free events keep moving as Compagnie XY comes to Downtown Houston with their performance of "It's not yet midnight." This will be the group's first American performance. Afterwards, they will perform at the Spoleto Festival, Lincoln Center and in Montreal. 

The acrobatic performance will feature flying, fighting, dancing and danger as 22 acrobats catapult each other into the air, showcasing circus stunts for guests to enjoy. On Friday June 2 and Saturday June 3, performances will take place at 8:00 pm inside the George R. Brown Convention Center, on the Hall C balcony, floor two. Staff will be available to direct you to the performance as well.  

It is "“much more than a job, it’s an adventure in being human." - Producer Peggy Donck

The thrill and display of acrobats over the performance is an art form that showcases deep meaning for those watching: joining the dance means staying in rhythm with the whole human race. The precision and human strength that is compiled within "It's Not Yet Midnight" will have audiences gasping, cheering and more. 

On Friday night at 7:00 pm, catch Circo Avenida, a circo performance near Wings Over Water to get you prepared for Compagnie. On Saturday, from 7:00 to 10:00 pm, catch strolling Saturdays, French edition! With costumed artists available for pictures, experiences and more. With each performance starting at 8:00 pm, it's a perfect chance to have dinner before the show, at one of Avenida Houston's many restaurants. Stay after for a drink and recap your favorite moments with friends.