This July marks the 50th anniversary of the lunar landing, which calls for a month long celebration of all things SPACE! 

To kick off this exciting month of festivities, we've put together some highlights of some space-themed photo ops around the Avenida.... 🌒🌟

Space Mini Mural

Snap a picture with Jessica Rice's out of this world mini mural ✨⚡


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Take a walk through the George R. Brown Convention Center and bump into our star space cadet, Spacey Casey! 🚀

Spacey Casey Gonzo Mural 2

Take a page from our Spacey Casey's book and visit Gonzo247's "Lifting off, Houston" mural 

Space Mural Marriott Marquis

Or take a ride on the Marriott Marquis' space-themed elevators!

For more information on space-themed art, click here. 

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