As the signs come down and work continues on the deconstruction of Super Bowl LIVE and the NFL Experience, it's a great time to look back on the success of the Super Bowl coming to Houston. However, looking back on the last two weeks reminds us of another excellent event in Houston, just less than a year ago. 

When the Final Four was in Houston in late March/early April, it also included concerts, fan events and more. Avenida Houston was still under construction, but images of the concerts showed what an exciting time the Super Bowl would be. 

The numbers of attendees are still coming in, but what we know for sure, is that guests loved their experience in Avenida, downtown and Houston as a whole. Last night's game was one of, if not, the best Super Bowl game of all time. The NCAA Men's Basketball championship game was deemed as one of the best all time as well. So it can be said that Houston can take on the biggest events and do it in style. Avenida is a center for entertainment, providing space, art, dining and more for those groups wanting to make downtown their center stage. 

So what is next? We've now hosted our third Super Bowl, hosted our second NCAA Final Four in 5 years, and we've added thousands of hotel rooms, restaurants and space for Houstonians and visitors to enjoy. 

The "Houston Summer Olympics" has a nice ring to it.