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If you live in Houston, chances are you're a sports fan. With the long list of winning teams, how could you not be? Nothing quite beats the rush of witnessing a winning game in person, with some quality, guilt-laden concession stand snacks in hand.  There's only one thing that could possibly put a kink in such a glorious day: finding parking.  Houston's a big city. With good... Read More »
What's a better way to spend a summer than attending some Astros baseball games?! Exactly. There isn't one. 💁 To top it off, this month's games are offering special giveaways and events to accent the already unforgettable experience of attending an Astros game. We've highlighted some of the excitement this July below: T-Shirt Tuesdays- (Weekly) Tuesdays are best... Read More »
April 3 marks Opening Day in Major League Baseball and, more importantly for locals, the Houston Astros. This year, the fan experience has been enhanced with the completion of Avenida Houston, offering options to turn every game into an unforgettable experience.  Fans won't want to miss meeting up for pregame festivities at Biggio's Sports Bar, named after Astros legend and... Read More »