Chromatic Fields

Sliced pool noodles, wire mesh, steel wire, flex neon and LED lights
By Adela Andea, 2018

Houston area artist Adela Andea transforms a familiar summertime staple into clouds of color and light. The installation, which spans 145 feet, is made from pool noodles sliced into hundreds of thousands of plastic discs. These pieces are then sewn onto wire mesh and strung from a truss 19 feet above Avenida de las Americas, in front of the George R. Brown Convention Center.

The colors of Chromatic Fields reflect the rainbow, in celebration of National Pride Month. Thousands of feet of flux neon and LED lights light up every evening on The Plaza at Avenida Houston through June 30.


About the Artist: Adela Andea

Local artist Adela Andea is known for chaotic, organic-looking light sculptures composed with a gazillion elements. As an installation artist, she develops pieces out of different consumer materials, plastics and technology, using these objects to present and manipulate the central medium of light. Click here for more about Adela Andea.