Given the requirement of the word "H-Town," local graffiti artist GONZO247 completed his third art piece in Avenida Houston between the entrance doors to the Hampton Inn / Homewood Suites conjoined hotels. 

"My goal is to create a look that people from all walks of life can identify with, [so when] someone from one part of the globe is visiting the city and sees the wall, they might be able to connect with a part of it - either as something that they've seen in their hometown or something that they've experienced throughout their travels." - GONZO 

The bold colors used withing this mural are common sights around Downtown Houston, where GONZO has been commissioned to work on many pieces, expressing the diversity and pride that the City of Houston showcases daily. Every color and line signifies a different part of the lives of those seeing the piece; the twist and turns, imperfections and personality. 

Another GONZO piece, "Lifting Off, Houston" can be found on the first floor concourse of the George R. Brown Convention Center (GRB), while a third, hanging cube installation resides on the second level of Partnership Tower, near the skybridge to the GRB. His work can be found locally, regionally and internationally with additional pieces at the Graffiti Building, just a few blocks from Avenida Houston, on the eastern edge of Downtown Houston