Did you know that some of the coolest art can be found right inside of Partnership Tower at Avenida Houston? Well, it’s true! Just this past month, Avenida Houston ushered in its newest sculpture and wait until you see it!


Now through November 5, guests can come check out “Uneven/Parallel” – a sculpture made up of aluminum, wood, silk, and polyester – on the first floor of Partnership Tower. You want to know the coolest part about it? Artist Katy Heinlein created this unique piece specifically for our location creating a unique opportunity for visitors!


Katy’s work parallels painting in its use of materials, such as stretcher bars, fabric, and pigment, as well as fashion to create draping techniques over shapes and forms. The piece is sensual and elegant, but with an abject droopiness, introducing a slightly awkward disruption of order. These are playful, casual constructions, exploring the limitations of interior space, including swaying slightly from the movement of the air around them.


In other words, guests can see some pretty cool art and enjoy a one of-a-kind piece!


Interested to see more of Katy’s work? Visit https://katy-heinlein.net/home.html to check out what else she’s been up to!


Katy Heinlein Art Work 2Katy Heinlein Art Work 3Katy Heinlein Art Work 4