As Houston nears the milestone date of December 16, 51 days until Super Bowl LI, Avenida Houston is finishing up many of the final exterior updates. The largest outdoor art piece, Wings Over Water, has finally added its last feather and will be ready for show on Friday. 

“The connection between avian and human migration reflects Houston’s diverse population, but also the idea that people come to Houston from throughout the Americas and beyond,” stated artist Joe O’Connell, who received the commission for the piece back in fall of 2015.

The art will go along with the many art pieces within the George R. Brown Convention Center, including Soaring in the Clouds, a piece that stands out within Avenida, completed this fall. Together, these art pieces will create many memories for convention guests, Houstonians and visitors alike, enjoying some of the many amenities of Avenida Houston. 

Below Wings Over Water is a pool of water, approximately 24’x62’ and the kinetic sculpture of approximately 25’x35’. The wing is made from stainless steel and kinetic, polycarbonate “feathers.”  The wings will move as smooth as a bird, creating a memorizing display on the plaza. 

This piece, along with Soaring in the Clouds, give deep meaning to those who have migrated to Houston, and now call the Bayou City home. With the other pieces within Avenida Houston, the rich diversity of the art can be compared to the diversity and beauty of our city.